Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunset: Trial No.2

After we played in the sea and got changed, we went back to the beach to watch sunset again, hoping it would turn up fine.

Aren't they cute?

Still, it was covered by the clouds. However, it was nicer than the previous evening so I was satisfied.

Langkawi's Saturday Night Market

We had our dinner at the night market and the food was super cheap! RM1 for most of the food.


Summer said...

I know it's like RM1!!!!!

The last time my friends and I were there, we bought food like nobody's business xD

And did you try the small small kuih that looks like dark brown mini donuts? :D

Fumoffu said...

I saw them but I did not buy them 'cos both our hands were full of plastics of food. XD