Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yesterday was quite a challenge for me to approach the people who have the same ground as I am and oh boy, I was really proud of my communicating skill. Later at night, I received a phone call from California Fitness. I was told to attend an interview today. I was just applying a part-time job! As a receptionist. I was serious to be a towel attendant too but my friends told me to apply something that I can put my personal skills into good use.

My boy dropped me at Sunway Pyramid entrance this morning. I was neither nervous nor prepared even though the interview would be conducted by a manager! Well, we had a good conversation and she praised for my honesty. I guess being honest ain't a bad thing. After the interview, I started to think about my time management if I was given the job. This is going to be challenging, you see. Weekdays will be my studies as well as AIESEC projects. Weekends supposed to be my revision and tutorials. So, if I were to take this job, CF required me to work at least 8 hours per day during weekends.


But I need money and their pay is good! XD

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