Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mini Farewell Party@SETSB

I know this is a super backdated post but still, I will not forget to post it up. So, back in the middle of August, I had quitted one of the most awesome jobs I have ever had. Oh well, it was my first job in Malaysia though.


The day before my last day at work, they had a mini farewell for me. And of course I would not miss the chance to take pictures with them.


No, there was nothing wrong with the job. Aforementioned, it was an awesome job. I got to travel to places that I had not been to; Bangkok, Jakarta and Surabaya.


Also, it was a great working experience as I built an international network; The Netherlands, Thailand, Indonesia, and Australia. Personally, I felt I have achieved a few great achievements during my service. Of course, I had enjoyed my time over there. Everyone took really good care of me especially my supervisor, my employer as well as my employer’s personal assistant.


They prepared a cake for me and guess what? They sang a birthday song for me. It was funny but still touched. I got to say a few words to all of them and while doing so, you will not believe this, I was trembling. I knew I would break down anytime if this continued.


This is my lunch group. I mostly had my lunch with them.


Not only they prepared a cake for me, they gave me a card and a gift. Berat hati but what to do? I still have to move on.

But no worries, Sempurna, I will always remember you.

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