Saturday, September 3, 2011

Lovely Sunday with Friends!

Again, I had a lovely Sunday and this time, with my friends. That morning, I met my hometown friends for lunch. I brought them to Pertama Restaurant for our hometown’s signature dishes: kampua and bian nvk.


We were fortunate enough that we could have the last plate. We had bian nvk mixed with kampua and then a bowl of laksa. We shared everything together and it was satisfying.


After lunch, we headed to Levain for some drinks and continue our chit chat. As usual, the place is really crowded. We found a table for us upstairs.


We spent quite some time before Evil sent us back one after another. It felt good to meet people that came from the same hometown as you are. You feel like you are home.


Later that night, I had dinner with some of the Point One members. We went to Fahrenheit 88’s Zanmai, one of my top places to dine at. We ordered quite a number of dishes and guess what? Tai wanted to foot the bill. I know, right? Yay for free meals!


After we stuffed our stomach, we headed to Sungei Wang. I guess it was my very first time to be there with them or was it? Wait, it was not. We were there once, in a bigger group, during our Foundation year and we had taken some pictures at the picture booth, remember? Good time.

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