Sunday, September 13, 2015

10 Years Of Friendship! Day 3

It was finally our last day in Cameron Highlands. The end of our weekend getaway.



Since May and SJ did not join us for brunch at BOH Tea Plantation the day before, we went there again. The guys were so crazy about the nasi lemak there and unfortunate for them, it was sold out.


After our makan makan and a bit of shopping, we went to take some photography with the nature, wearing our stuffed animal hats. Can you spot us above?


Before we left the highlands, we decided to have Raju’s Ice Cream for one last time. This time I ordered the original strawberry ice-cream instead of the one with chocolate.


Before we parted our ways, we had our late lunch-early dinner in Ipoh. We then had a pizza at Woodfired Pizza before we left Ipoh.

This trip had been a really great one. I am glad that the boyfriend is able to blend into the circle.  Plus, my friends like him too. Now I can bring him along whenever there is an activity or trip with my friends.

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