Monday, September 7, 2015

10 Years Of Friendship! Day 2

Breathtaking view while we had our breakfast. Splendid! I could do this everyday!


We had our late breakfast at BOH Tea Plantation. Took some photos on our way down while waiting for May’s and SJ’s arrival.


We went to Lavendar Farm after May and SJ joined us. Overrated but we had fun in our own ways. Well, we always do.


What surprised me was the boyfriend pluck a flower for me. Of course he had to pay for plucking one flower in the garden. Thank you, sayang.  It then became everyone’s prop when taking pictures.


Spotted the missing one? Poor boy. He was the only single in the group. While most of us made fun of him, he took it well. Such a nice man.

2015-08-02 01.43.17

That night, again, we had steamboat. We were supposed to make our own steamboat but, oh well. Before we called it a day, again, we had some board games. We started with Monopoly and it seems that the game is a great way to ruin friendships.

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