Thursday, June 2, 2011

Liverpool FC Malaysia Photofun@Stadium Shah Alam

It was last Sunday when Liverpool FC Supporters Club, Malaysia organised this photofun at Stadium Shah Alam with its objective to gather all Liverpool FC fans and capture the moment and share it in WWW to show who and what we are. Also, we want to make Liverpool FC to feel like home when they are coming over to Malaysia on July 16th. I cannot wait to see Gerrard right in front of my very eyes and if possible, take a photo with him.

However, the saddest part of that event was five hundred and seventy people attended. I made it italic because I doubt we even hit fifty people that day. Very disappointed with those people who bailed us out.

And oh, my brother was trying to pull my leg that day. He told me that each of the fan is expected to know how to sing You’ll Never Walk Alone in order to be in that event. I was fooled, obviously.

The photofun was an eye-opener though. These people were, how should I put it, very patriotic towards Liverpool FC. All of us cannot wait to welcome Liverpool FC to Malaysia on July 16th. It is going to be oh so awesome!

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怡YeeAsee said...

haha, my dad also looking forward it!! die hard fans :)