Thursday, June 23, 2011

Food Review: Yellow Cab@Dang Wangi

I have never heard of Yellow Cab until one of my friends told me about it. He told me that it is definitely better than Pizza Hut but, comparable with Domino’s Pizza. We then made a plan to Yellow Cab last weekend.


We went to the one located at Dang Wangi. However, they have two other branches at Bukit Bintang and Ampang Point. The place is very interesting and yellow-ish. They do not have exaggerating exterior decoration but their colour is definitely eye-catching.


However, they have interesting vehicles lining outside its entrance. Those scooters are used to do deliveries. Very interesting, right? Classic!

We ordered a meal for four persons which cost us RM80 nett. No service charges when you dine in as well as no add-on government taxes! The meal includes four pieces of hot wings, a pasta and two pizzas.


These hot wings are crispy and very Chinese. However, they are good, no worries. These wings are already spicy but they come together with their spicy wing sauce. I did not try the sauce though.


We ordered Chicken Alfredo Pasta, with Sauteed chicken, black olives and fresh basil in a smooth creamy sauce. This is good but if you had to finish this alone, trust me, you will get sick of it real fast. Probably because of that creamy sauce unless you are a great fan of Spaghetti Carbonara.


In this meal package, they have already fixed New York’s Finest for you. It contains Italian beef sausage, chicken toast, beef pepperoni, beef brisket, ground beef, black olives, mushrooms, onions, red and green peppers. It is not that great but definitely better than the latter pizza we ordered.


For our second pizza, we are given the choice to choose one of the listed pizzas in the menu. We chose Corona Chicken Salsa which is chicken strips with southwestern salsa. This, however, tastes weird or probably it was already cold when we had it. We should have ordered Four Seasons Pizza and therefore, we decided to come back again in the future.

And oh, Yellow Cab’s pizzas are larger compared to the ones in Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza. Their smallest pizza size is 10 inches while their biggest pizza size is 18 inches. Can you believe it? Ours were all 10 inches and we could not finished our second pizza.


If you have not noticed, Yellow Cab is very environmental friendly. They do not use plates when serve their food. Instead, they used boxes which could be recycled after used. Also, they are very creative. Knowing that their customers would dirty their hands when dining, they provide hands free washing. Very interesting, no?

Since we made a plan to come back again to try its Four Seasons Pizza, stay tuned for next review on this place.

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