Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Series Review: Boys Over Flowers

bof (kor)

Finally I have finished watching the latest Korean version of Boys Over Flowers. I could have finished watching this series two weeks ago. However, I find the story line a bit dragging at the end so, I took some time to finish the last few episodes of this series. Fyi, there are 25 episodes. There were times when I have to fast forward some scenes in certain episodes.

In fact, there were already two versions prior to its release last year..

bof (tai)

Taiwanese version -- Meteor Garden in year 2001

I should say that among these 3 versions, Taiwanese version is the worst lol Maybe because the main casts (F4) were non-artistes at that time. They were picked among ordinary people (like us) to take up the roles in the series. No doubt they are better now.

bof (jap)and Japanese version -- Hana Yori Dango in year 2005

The story line is very straight forward; not dragging at all.

f4 (taiwan)

f4 (jap) f4 (kor)If you look carefully, these characters (F4) are very well-maintained even in different versions. Well, maybe only the leader lol

Black and curly hair!

Rate: 3/5


Beatrice said...

I just started to watch the korean version.

Fumoffu said...

What do you think of it?