Friday, April 10, 2009

Movie Review: Confessions of a Shopaholic

coas (00)

A new job? Hopefully.

A new man? Possibly.

A new handbag? Absolutely?


Initially, my bestie and I wanted to watch Fast and the Furious 4. Sad to learn that the last show was fully taken. Therefore, we decided to watch Confessions of a Shopaholic.

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Never regretted to watch this movie. It brings laughter and joy to the audience. Everyone laughed together in the hall. An enjoyable moment.


Nevertheless, females prevail the hall. I guess females are more interested in watching such movie because this movie is just FEMALE-ISM.

coas (01)

However, watching this movie made me want to have my own BIG wardrobe with a GIGANTIC mirror! To be exact, made me REALLY want to have them.

coas (02)Well, I believe there is a possibility that most females would desire to have what this Rebecca has, no? Also, I believe this movie can help us, the females, in making sense of fashion. I adore Rebecca’s fashion sense.

coas (05)

Oh ya! When I first saw Rebecca’s mother, she is super super familiar to me. I kept thinking where have I ever saw her.

coas (06)

Only to realize that she is the headmistress in The School of Rock.

Rate: 8/10


atreyu strange said...

do you think this movie is still playing if i go this weekend?? uhuhu. bf took me to watch F&F but not this movie! and all my girl friends are always NOT available! huh!

Fumoffu said...

Should be :) 'Cos it is only two weeks after it is released :D