Thursday, April 9, 2009

Paddington Bear Leaves Guardian


8th April, yesterday, was the last day to redeem Paddington Bear stamp at all Guardian outlets. I believe the outlets were aggressed by a swarm of people. I was one of them :D I went to the nearest outlet with my mom last night. She insisted to follow me as she did not want be stuck at home every night lol

I had collected 18 stamps before yesterday. Therefore, I decided to spend RM50 in order to redeem 2 more stamps --- just to redeem 8" Paddington Bear Plush with Suitcase. My goal was to redeem 17" Paddington Bear Plush Backpack but it is a very big investment to start with.

I bought lotions which is more than enough to redeem 2 Paddington Bear stamps. I have a thing for lotions, you see. I love lotions to be exact lol

However, I was being so lucky to bump into a very nice lady. She spent around RM160 and I guess she was not going to use the stamps since it was the last day, she gave them to me --- 7 stamps for free! omg I wanted to cry for joy on the spot!

Then you should not have bought anything in the first place. No no. If I had not joined the line at the counter, I would not have bumped into this lady. Therefore, I had 28 stamps altogether. Redeeming Paddington Bear Tote bag with 4" plush is more worth, said my mom, she bought herself a facial product. Finally, I had more than enough stamps to redeem the bag :D

I wonder if Paddington Bear will still come back to Guardian. This is actually a smart strategy to earn profit.


Beatrice said...

i love Paddington Bear!! i got 3 stamps when i went back this year but i gave it to my aunty. hehe
how i wish they have it here too.

Fumoffu said...

I hope they will come back so I can redeem the backpack! xD

Beatrice said...

i want one too!!!
too bad that im not there >.<

Fumoffu said...

Migrate back to Malaysia XD