Sunday, April 5, 2009


Still remember the little brats whom I had spent my break with about two months ago?

One is going to further his studies in Taylor’s University College, one is joining National Service in Selangor, two will be pursuing their studies in Kuching and one will be staying back to continue his Form 6.

My mom, my baby brother and I --- We decided to go back to Sibu for a week after he had collected his result.

We had a few gatherings in that one week. One of the major ones is having a BBQ gathering.

Next, we had a Karaoke gathering.

Last but not least, the marks of our friendship.


Me, Tze Wei, Gin Hum, Francis, Simon, King Sing, Andy (absentia: Kiang Wei, Zhong Hong)

We are very looking forward to such gatherings again.

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