Friday, January 30, 2015

Last Quarter of 2014

The final three months of 2014 were hectic. My schedule was packed with loads of exciting and fun activities. Among these three months, October was labeled the most looking forward month. In fact, it is the most looking forward month in the year. I should name is as The Month of the Year!

2014-10-02 22.39.17

Unlike last year, we had a Halloween themed meeting. Most of us dressed up for the meeting and not forgetting, we decorated the room with the decorations we made last year.

2014-10-04 22.03.29

Of course not leaving out Octoberfest! I had a simple drinking session with my friends. Since there was this famous humongous mug invaded Auto City, we decided to hit Auto City.


Finally, I ended my October with my trip to Melbourne! Aforementioned, October was The Month of the Year 2014! I had already posted about my trip here, here, here, here, here, here and finally, here. Been looking forward to this trip for a year! Yeah, I bought the flight ticket one year ago.

2014-11-01 19.24.42

Then it came my favourite month, November. There was a Semi Annual Convention for District 51 and I thought I would not join the team to Petaling Jaya for it. However, since I had two close friends who were the finalists in Division Contests, I wanted to be there to give them a morale support! I did not regret attending the convention though.

2014-11-08 18.51.04

November was my favourite because I was born in November! Unlike the previous year, I had a simple birthday celebration. In fact, I did not plan anything for myself. I let the nature took its own course, just to see what it had for me.

2014-12-06 16.53.21

I thought May would be the only month I had a family activity but, guess what? We had another spontaneous activity in December! All of us from different locations gathered together again to spend time and have fun together! This time we invaded Sunway Lagoon. It was really a fun and memorable day.

2014-12-20 13.39.47

Since I had a spontaneous family activity in December, I had another spontaneous trip to Bangkok. It was my very first last minute booked trip. How last minute? I booked the flight ticket two days before I left Malaysia! Probably the last time to do such thing. I am not a rich woman.

2014-12-24 01.36.36

2014-12-25 21.44.11

Instead of having a crazy Christmas party like back in Year 2013, I had simple and meaningful Christmas celebrations. I had one be-early Christmas celebration with Penang Toastmasters Club and one Christmas Day celebration with MEF Toastmasters Club. Both had gift exchange session. The only difference was that, I had Christmas Day celebration with the MEF-ians at my place. The feeling of having great people around you during a beautiful celebration is indeed indescribable.

Since I had the time of my life in Year 2014, I wish for the same, or even better, in Year 2015!

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