Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mothers Day Surprise

It has been so long since I last updated my blog. Overstressed with Accounting for Standards and Regulations plus, I am totally sick. =.="

Anyway, as I had promised, the Mothers' Day surprise that I had planned with my daddy.

That day, my younger brother was very annoying. His curiousity was aroused by my mysterious plan. He called me 3 times; when I was at home, when I was on the way to LCCT with Chung, and when I was with my dad in Kuching.

My dad and I went to the mall earlier than the rest. He said he would give me a miss call when they reached the place. Since I had much time to waste, I went to look around and bought a lighter and an anklet (the one I am wearing now XD).

Received a call from my dad. He asked me get ready as they would reach by 5 minutes. Soon after I received a miss call from my dad, the mission began!

When I opened the door, my mom was completely dumbfounded. I approached her and gave her the present and a hug. We almost cried!

While we were eating, we were discussing about the plan and behind-the-scenes.

  1. From my brother: Your lies were too fake already! I could guess that you would be coming back for Mothers Day. (Fyi, I told my brother that a friend of mine would be going back to Kuching and that I passed the Mothers Day gift to her.)
  2. From my mummy:
  • Your daddy would never want to have dinner in Japanese restaurant. Eventually, you were the one who suggested to have Japanese cuisine.
  • I was so angry when your dad said he was going to pick up his friends instead of going to the restaurant together with us.

My parents

My brother and mummy

Before that, let met show you the Mothers Day gift that Dominic and I prepared for mummy two years back.

Yeap! It was this BIG card! All the way from West Malaysia to Kuching.

My phone was way smaller than the card

Same goes to my traveling bag!

Fetching my brother from school. Camwhored with my mom while waiting for him.

My brother drove my mom to a bank. Camwhored with my brother while waiting for her.

Later, my brother suggested to bring me to eat ice-cream. It was on him!

My brother's treat!

The shop rears tortoises!

Around 4.30pm, it was time for me to go to the airport to catch 5.35pm flight. Unfortunately, AirAsia retimed my flight to 8.30pm so, I went back home and took a nap. I woke up around 7.00pm, showered and went for dinner. My brother drove me to the airport around 8.00pm. I was so shocked when the flight retimed to 9.15pm! >.<

Reached home around 12 midnight. However, I did not regret going back Kuching for Mothers Day. I really hope it was one of the best Mothers Day that she ever had.

I love you, mummy

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