Saturday, May 12, 2007

Double Dates?

Yesterday was really fun! I really enjoyed hanging out with May and the boyfriends.
  • Issue regarding taking money from a boyfriend. This is really a hot issue! Guys would not want their girls to think that they are useless while the girls would not want their guys to think that they are money suckers.
  • Siew Jhoong mengada-ed in the car.
  • Spiderman 3 available only at 12.00 midnight! O.o Therefore, we decided to watch 28 Weeks Later which will be aired at 7.00pm.
  • Had a great experience in La Senza! Tried on the lacey, sexy, cute night gowns which I wanted to buy for my mother as a Mother's Day gift.
  • Chung got his new necklace.
  • Bumped into Ken and Yunn in McDonald's.
  • Bought Caramel Popcorn Combo (Large) which turned out to be 2 large drinks and 1 large popcorn! Both Chung and I were O.o
  • The guys mengada-ed again. May and I really sweatt.
  • Chung bumped into a red-cool-hair-style-looking-guy who came out from the toilet.
  • Siew Jhoong were not layan-ed by both Chung and I. So sad! Ask May for more information about this. XD
  • The movie was a bit boring but overall, it was nice. Oh ya! It got no ending.
  • Steamboat for dinner in Taman Connaught. We had a very efficient waiter who do not get paid.
  • Reached Sri Petaling.
  • The weirdest thing to do: Stopped the car at the side of the road, thinking of alighting the car to 'keng kai'. O.o
  • Went to Kinrara (mamak) instead.
  • Interrogating Siew Jhoong by Chung. O.o
  • Interrogating Chung by Siew Jhoong. =.="
  • Wedding plans by the guys. May and I were O.O Looks like guys nowadays are more desperate to get married than girls. =.="
  • Around 3.00am: It was time to go home.
I am glad that each and every one of us had fun.

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