Sunday, June 3, 2012

When They Were Here!

I know this was long time ago but I guess I slacked a lot to update my blog regularly. So, who where here in Penang? They were not other than my course mates from Kuala Lumpur, Mun and Kuan. I used to do group assignments with them in Accounting and Finance respectively. They were in Penang on Friday night but I brought them around on Monday when they were leaving on Tuesday.


Monday is not a good day in Penang. Most of the stalls are all closed on Mondays. Therefore, I brought them to Pulau Tikus for brunch. New World Park came later. There were more variety food available at that place. I wanted them to try Ken’s favourite tom yam noodles but it was the soup tom yam noodles instead. Though the taste was there, it was not as good as dry tom yam noodles. And Mun found her favourite stall that serves Chinese desserts or appetizers. No idea what the dishes’ names are.


With a lot of eating, I drove them to Straits Quay. Well, they were there the night before but I wanted them to be there again during daytime. To have a different feel of the place. Knackered, we decided to rest at Kaffa Kaffe. Kuan was eyeing on this place when they first went there. Relaxed and had some drinks before we left for dinner at Northam Beach Café.


Behold the food above we ordered at Northam Beach Café. I think there were more. We were already eating while waiting for Ying to join us after she finished working.


Since it rained heavily a while ago, there was this beautiful rainbow. Actually there were two but the second rainbow was not that solid. We had a great girlie night that night. Great talk on various topics. How I wish I could have this every week. This explains why I have always been looking forward for my friends to come to Penang!

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