Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Weekend in Kuala Lumpur!

Was down in Kuala Lumpur during one of the weekends in April. It was our second time to took a bus but this time, we took Aeroline. We reached Corus Hotel but walked over to KLCC for lunch. His sister picked him up while Mun picked me up. They went to City Centre while I went to Subang Jaya straight.


I had been missing Sushi Zanmai so we went to Sunway Pyramid after we got our egg tarts in SS15. Once we were there, spotted, Ken with his favourite girl. I also bumped into Fang when we were leaving the place. To be honest, it feels good to be back as I have more friends in Kuala Lumpur compared to in Penang. Mun dropped me at IOI Mall and KS picked me up, thought to have dinner with my brother but he was busy. His sister then picked me up from Taman Desa and we finally headed home, knackered.


Day two came really early as we had to wake up earlier than our usual weekends. Therefore, it had been a long time since we had breakfast together. We then headed to Bandar Utama where Ikea, The Curve and One Utama are. I met a few friends at One Utama before I had to go Tropicana to meet the Point One Bu.


When hanging out with them, no doubt we will have a late night. We were supposed to drink, more, but due to us focusing more on this card game, no one was knocked out. Anyway, since we have someone waited for us at home, Bu was kind enough to drive us back. Really grateful but at the same time, worried that he could not find his way out.


Day three was the day we were supposed to catch our flight back to Penang. His sister’s boyfriend drove us to Sunway Pyramid after we had our late breakfast as well as had our luggage packed.


We had our lunch at The Street Café. The food was good. Should try Street Raboki and Kimbap and Buchimgae.


Look at those chocolates. Those were given by one of my girl friends who just came back from Australia. Not all are mine though, two packets are for Jess but till now, I had not passed them to her yet.


I was really worn out when we landed Penang but guess what? The boyfriend was still very determined to look for a pair of basketball shoes. We went to Queensbay Mall straight and my oh my, I bought a few things for myself too. I was hoping these will motivate me even more to go to gym but obviously, epic fail!


Ken Wooi said...

Buying gym-related things won't motivate one to go to the gym. GOING to the gym is the motivation! ;)

Fumoffu said...

I know, but I am still not motivated to go. Monday to Friday already working. So weekends are the only days to rest and relax.