Friday, December 14, 2007

Finally it is the second week of my internship and I'd been a handling a lot of clients' schedules.

Lately, I was given miscellaneous jobs such as tallying the figures with the extended trial balance, doing schedules that had not been done, calling up banks and clients as I had finished my first audit (awaiting confirmations from the other party).

But today, my manager passed me another client for me to audit. Seriously, in audit firm, I've learned a lot of companies' names and most of them are weird! The one that I am doing now is Warna Kelisa Sdn. Bhd. Not only that; I once came across with Warna Kembara! And guess what? It is not selling Kelisas (I ain't sure with the latter one) but beverages such as drinks and beers and cigarettes!

One of my friends in the firm whose friend is working in E&Y told her that she has been photostating lately. I was relieved that I chose to go Hii&Lee instead of E&Y.

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