Sunday, December 9, 2007

Finally it has been a week since I am with Hii & Lee Chartered Accountants. Also, it has been a week since I learn to do audit.

Honestly, it ain't easy to learn things that you had never experienced in studies. I was grateful that the senior accountants handed over a client's case to me and Lydia (another trainee who is also under CPA Passport). We faced a lot of problems. Fortunately, Hii & Lee has nice and helpful colleagues. All of them are more than willing to help us. We always have fun during lunch.

On Christmas Eve, all of us will exchange gifts. This has always been a practice in Hii & Lee. All we have to do is to write our name on a piece of paper. You can even write what you want ie. description, location, colour, etc. etc. The only requirement is that the minimum price for the gift must be RM 25. Then, there's draw lot to see whom you shall give the gift to.

Before that, there is still one more thing that I am worried about. From next week onwards, I have to drive to work on my work and everyday, I have to stuck in the traffic jam after work for one hour before I reach home. Sighh..

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