Sunday, July 1, 2007


I went to shop for bras today. I bought 4 new bras.

Do you know how much those cost me?

RM 420!

Guys, if you want to get a wife, better think carefully if you can afford their undergarments. Even a panty will cost you RM70 plus!

One bra can get you around 5 boxes of Renoma's underwears!

Oh! I saw something interesting today.

See this pillar and the rubbish beside it? I am sure the notice on the pillar cannot be read. Let me give you a closer look.

Typical Malaysians. Oops! I am a Malaysian too! XD However, the line 'No Litter Here' can be misleading, no?

1 comment:

clement said...

so expensive?
no wonder why most ppl want sons instead of daughter