Saturday, July 28, 2007

Last week was packed with loads of AIESEC events ie. Local Committee Planning Meet (LCPM), Weekly General Training, UKM's Malam Interaksi AIESEC and TBS Orientation Night.

1) Local Committee Planning Meet

Last weekend, AIESEC TBS had their LCPM in one of the houses somewhere around Sunway residential area instead of Port Dickson which was initially discussed. We had it 2 days 1 night instead of 3 days 2 nights. Two cars were lost (I was in one of the cars) but we managed to find our way to the house. Thanks goodness.

On the first day, we had expectation settings, SWOT analysis, presentation on departments' achievements and non-achievements, AIESEC Scorecard revisited, and Vision building & Review goals.

Next morning, two couples smuggled into SS15 area to take nice shower before going back to PSJ9 to have their breakfast. On the second day, the sessions were presentation on NatCon outcome, departments planning, plans presentation & troubleshooting, consolidation of plans, plans review and last but not least, dinner at Min Tien!

2) First Weekly General Training for the next half term

Not many members turned up but we had two foreigners (whom I thought were interns) who are neither TBS students nor AIESECers. We had game sessions before we proceeded to have sharing and discussion in groups.

3) UKM's Malam Interaksi AIESEC

We went to UKM after our General Training. There were speech, multimedia presentations, sharing made by the interns, the people who went to work abroad, and an alumni. We had satay for supper before leaving Kajang.

4) TBS Orientation Night

I was rushing for a multimedia that afternoon. However, it was not put into use so, my effort, my time, my energy and my forgo-ed workshop were all wasted. Anyway, a lot of AIESECers turned up that night and all of us were very energetic and made a lot of 'noise' ie. cheers and AIESEC dances. I joined the new students in one of the games. The best of all was that AIESEC won in the Exposed 3 which we gained our points from all three FUN Nights (January, March and July).

3 blues! So matching! Outcasted the other 3.

My team XD

Guys, is this familiar?

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