Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Spent around RM300 in Carrefour. The receipt is super loooooooooonnnggg. What did I buy?
Food ie. vegetables, canned food, mee goreng, eggs costed me around RM90
An iron costed me around RM50
A printer costed me around RM100
Personal stuff costed me around RM60

The cafe is nice and soothing. Recommended place to have romantic dinners. The food is delicious and the drinks are fabulous! Best of all, they are cheaper than one ever imagined! The staff are efficient. Good services are provided.

I am delighted that you brought me there for dinner.

The area is peaceful and quiet. Good environment for students. The night view is beautiful. Good place for couples to chill around. The unit is cooling. Good place to stay in. The room is spacious. Good enough for a person to sleep in. One parking slot which is not available for him. Not good for one to park one's car at the foot of the hill and walk all the way up to the apartment.

I am glad you found a place to stay.

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