Monday, July 27, 2015

South Korea: Day 5

In Daegu. the first place we went was the Seok-guram Grotto. It is not only known as one of the finest masterpiece of Korean art, but is also recognised all over the world as a cultural treasure that is the quintessence of Buddhist art works. A glass wall has been set up in front of it so that the inner portion may be protected from the outsiders.


We then proceeded to the stone pagoda Dabotap, which is also known as pagoda of many treasures that is located in the temple of Bulguksa.


We continued our journey to Busan but stopped for lunch. After lunch, we went to explore this beautiful piece of land. However, it was really hot and sunny that I enjoyed myself for only 1 minute and that was my limit.


Later, we were sent to check out the beach of South Korea. The  view was breathtaking and it reminded me of The Bund in Shanghai.


Since dinner was not covered that night, we had our dinner at McDonald’s. Also, we walked around the night market before we called it a day.


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