Tuesday, July 14, 2015

South Korea: Day 2

Before we left Seoul, we went to Le Petite France which is also known as The French Village. This place is famous for its drama shoot of My Love From The Star. It is a very colourful and lovely town, filled with romance.

Filled ourselves with romance before our 3-5 hour drive to Chungcheong.


However, on the way to Chungcheong, we stopped in Namiseon – Nami Island. This place is famous of its drama shoot of Winter Sonata. If you asked me what is my favourite place throughout this trip, my answer would and will always be Name Island. I love the island. It is just beautiful, serenade and relaxing. If only I could stay a night on this island. Better still, living on this island!


That night, our dinner was the best meal after we had 4 meals in Korea. Why? There were meats! In the past few meals, we had soup and vegetables and not forgetting, kimchissssss! Most of us were craving for meats and our wish was granted that night.

2015-04-22 18.54.22

We will be leaving Chungcheong the next day to go further down south. Therefore, it is going to be another long bus ride. However, we will be having a few stops to visit some places of attractions on our way. Stay tuned for the next post!

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