Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The New Chapter ♥

It has been so long since I last updated my blog. The last post was way back in January, oh my! I must get my ass down to not be so lazy to update my blog. Will try to work it out, somehow.

A lot had happened recently and it is way worse than anyone could imagine. Remember I moved to Penang way back in the middle of year two oh one one over here? Well, it did not go well as I hoped.

Yeah, I am back to being single again. Yay?

It was not that bad.

Well, it was really bad in the first place but I got a hang of it after urm a few months later. Things were rough and it was really difficult for me especially without having my family and best friends by my side. However, everyone strongly believe that I can work it out and move on somehow.

It is really easier said than done and I am still working on it. Like now.

I am a person who does not fall in love easily, okay that is a lie - I do fall in love easily but, only towards the people I have feelings for. And then, it is not easy for me to fall out of it. Plus, the feelings of being betrayed really hit me hard in the face. Also, to have witnessed how selfish and mean a man can be, especially who had loved you so much in the past, really had my eyes popped out from its sockets.

After many weeks being hurt emotionally and mentally, I had finally decided to move out of the place that was called ‘our home.’

I did not know I can still do well by myself. I mean I had lived alone before but after moving in and staying with a man for almost two years, I thought it would be quite difficult for me but I was wrong.

I am glad that I got myself out from there before the damage gets bigger.

And for now, I am looking forward to new wonderful things that are going to happen in my life. A friend who had been through the same once told me this..



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