Saturday, May 4, 2013

Our Limit

We always wonder what and where is our own limit. Or do we even have it?

Are we underestimating ourselves too much or are we overestimating ourselves?

Personally, I do wonder where is my own limit. In my very own experience, I did not know that I could do it until I was put into such a situation. Probably I just have to do it because there is no other choice.

It becomes a must.

I am now going through the lowest moment of my life. Probably for the time being. I could have been through the same in the past but time had healed my wounds and therefore, I could not remember them at all.

So, I believe it will be the same for now. I just have to not only accept it but also to face it and then move forward.

Just like what I had learned when I went to ESCAPE..

Taking the first step is always the hardest but once you managed to do it, the rest of the journey ain't that difficult. However, you must not stop and turn back because you can only move forward and not backward. Of course, if you are tired, you can take a rest for a while but continue to move forward after..


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