Monday, December 8, 2008

Girly-girly trip to Genting Highlands

Guess where was I? In a cable car to Genting Highlands with the girls Big Grin It was my first time to take this ride to go up to Genting Highlands.


Initially, the plan was to go Singapore. Later, we changed our plan to Langkawi Island and finally, to Genting Highlands Worried


I slept over May’s place so we could go Central KL to meet up with the rest together. We were not fortunate enough. As we reached Central KL, we were told that the bus tickets to Genting Highlands were sold out Surprise Unbelievable, right? Yeah, I would not want to believe it either. Later, we were contemplating on taking a cab to Genting Highlands when Hui called us. We took a bus to One Utama where we would be taking a bus to Genting Highlands. Throughout the the trip, I was feeling nauseous. Thank goodness I had mentos from Hui else I would have fainted Happy


We bought 11AM ride to Genting Highlands. Seeing we had 45 minutes for our brunch, we decided to drop by Subway. The bus departed on time. It was a comfortable ride as the bus driver was a careful and responsible person. Or maybe the seats are comfortable. Either one of both.


We were on a queue for about 15 minutes before our turn, there was people mountain people sea. And oh, there was a photography service and we were guessing the price of one photo; RM15, RM20 and RM25. We were all wrong. It cost RM40 per piece Phbbbttt


We stayed at Theme Park Hotel. By the time we reached the hotel, we were able to check-in already [it was not 3PM yet!] Winking


Our room is very far from the hotel lobby. Long journey + heavy bags = the girls were very happy to be in the room. You can tell it in the picture above.


Liquor saved for the night :D



Some camwhoring session xD



and a few rounds of bomoh session

[To yy & zhihao: You definitely know this game :)]


before we headed out for our late lunch at KFC





Some pictures we took at First World Indoor Theme Park :)


First World’s deco never ceased to amaze me


Being thirsty and nowhere to go to, we decided to have a drink at Starbucks Coffee Bean situated at First World Hotel. We had a few rounds of sharing specifically regarding relationships before we went for our late dinner at Kenny Rogers.


Having no fridge in the room, after we received a bag of ice cubes from Kenny Rogers’ staff, we rushed back to our room.




Well, maybe. We could not resist camwhoring after we came all the way up to Genting Highlands, could we?


The hallway that leads to our room


That night, as we were waiting for our turn to shower, we played ‘truth or dare’ game. I was the last person to shower so, after I was done, we proceeded to play more interesting games; ‘Black Magic’ as well as ‘Chi Wei’s sheep’. May and I almost killed the girls’ brains xD but still, they could not solve the games.


I was the third person to get up. The drink above was the first thing that I had –__- We could not finish it last night and therefore, not wanting Hels to bring it back [since she brought it all the way up here], we decided to finish it that morning.



Guess what I was doing?


Busy writing letters to the hotel’s management [like the cleaners would even bother reading them –__-]


Some group pictures for the morning..








..before we headed back down


I had fun most of the time during the trip. Okay, I know there were times where there was hoo-ha going around there but let’s just ignore and forget about that as those are not the main highlights we should remember for the trip. Imo, the main thing that I learnt from the trip is I regret for not knowing most of them earlier. Hui and Yee, despite of their serious looks, are so much fun to be hang around with. Also, the best thing about this trip is that we are all GIRLS and we had GIRLY-GIRLY TRIP, maybe the only and last time?


I hope not.

p/s: btw, have I told you that I went to casino and gamble for the first time? I won double the cost xD As they always said, first timers have very good fortune :)

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