Sunday, December 27, 2015

Birthday Getaway: Day 3

Having breakfast with a stunning view of the ocean – bliss. I wish I could do this everyday. Now that we had a full day in Koh Lipe, there was just so little for us to do. Seriously, the best part about this getaway was to do nothing. All we did were eating, drinking, walking and sleeping, eating, drinking, walking and sleeping.

2015-11-12 08.48.24

We started off with taking pictures at this big tree right in front of our hotel. When we were having our breakfast, I saw a few couples took pictures there as well. That’s when I told the boyfriend “let’s take some photos there later!”

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As there are three beaches in Koh Lipe, we decided to explore the other two beaches that day. They are all within walking distance. We decided to go Sunrise Beach, leaving Sunset Beach in the evening. On our way, we had coconut ice-cream and it is the bomb! The boyfriend love it a lot.


It took us about 5 to 10 minutes walk to reach the beach. The waves are stronger and the crowd is smaller compared to Pattaya Beach.

2015-11-12 11.08.30

We decided to stop at Sunrise Beach Restaurant for some drinks and food while enjoying the view before we left the beach. On our way back to the hotel, I realised there was a shorter route compared to the route we used earlier. We reached Walking Street in less than 5 minutes! Oh well, at least we explored like the locals.


When we got back to the hotel, the boyfriend said he wanted to dip in the water. It was three in the afternoon and he wanted to dip in the water. I did not join him but one of the dogs did. This particular dog loves to be in the water.

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Before I took my nap, I had this Thai’s cup noodles – minced pork flavour. Delicious! Unfortunately, I could not bring a few back to Penang with me.

2015-11-12 15.12.37

It was about 5.30pm when we left the hotel to Sunset Beach. I did not want to miss the view. Trust me, though the sun was setting, it was still quite hot! I had to hide in the shadows of the big rocks.

2015-11-12 17.55.07

Then we decided to walk to Walking Street to have dinner. On our way, there were a few taxis or probably tuk-tuk passed by us. Since we had never taken a ride before, we decided to hail one. Guess what? Fortunately we took the ride. It was so far to walk to Walking Street and the streets were dark!

2015-11-12 18.47.34

2015-11-12 18.54.54

We had our last dinner in Koh Lipe at Rak-Lay Restaurant. It was a satisfying dinner and oh, the boyfriend found a stray lover..

2015-11-12 19.35.25\

..a kitten! She was sleeping under my chair and we woke her up with some food. Then she started to jump up to the boyfriend’s thigh and that’s when their relationship started. Such an adorable kitten..

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