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Second Quarter of 2014

My first quarter of 2014 was happening. Many had said I was a very busy lady.

What about the second quarter of 2014?

Well, it did not slow down. It was as busy as the first quarter of 2014. However, I had a few happy trips during the quarter!

April started with my company’s event, Staff Townhall, to discuss the Company’s achievement and what we are still lack of.  We had all our main bosses from the Headquarter to join us. It is always during this time everyone is tense.

2014-04-02 16.02.37-2

In that same week, I attended a Royal family’s kenduri. Apparently it was the wedding of our country’s 13th Raja Permaisuri Agong’s brother. How did I end up there? Well, one of my agents is related to them. Therefore, she invited me to their kenduri. It was an honour but, I guess I am not suitable to attend such occasion. Anyhow, it is a once in a lifetime thing and I am leading a YOLO life. Why not?

2014-04-05 06.16.15

Of course I continued to attend Toastmasters meeting. During one of Penang Toastmasters Club’s meetings, I won my very first ribbon as the Best Table Topics speaker. I shared that the ultimate love, for a person, is to love yourself. I said this because all of us must realise that it important to fall in love with ourselves. We must be comfortable with ourselves. We must treat ourselves the way we want to be treated.

2014-04-09 14.07.34

During the second week of April, yes it is only the second week of April, my Company sent us to attend a one-day training in Seri Manjung. Yes, just freaking one day. The training session was good. I love it. However, it was just too short. I believe I could learn more if they had made the training to two days. I wonder why they arranged it as a one-day training.

2014-04-10 16.10.36

Before I could finish my breath, I witnessed Toastmaster International Speech and Table Topics Contests for Division in Perak. I had witnessed a District Level of Humourous Speech and Speech Evaluation Contests but not this. Also, I was there to give my support to a few friends of mine who were the contestants.

2014-04-13 11.27.02

When it ended, we could not stay to chit chat as some of us had to rush back to Penang to attend Papa Gerald’s Golden Anniversary. It was a lovely celebration. Imagine a pair of husband and wife have been sleeping with each other on the same bed for 50 years. That is really something to celebrate. I want to celebrate Golden Anniversary too!

2014-04-13 20.57.02

Month of April slowed down after I attended another kenduri. It was a wedding of an ex-colleague of mine. Her love story was pretty interesting. Well, her husband is a friend of her brother’s. He showed an interest in her and proposed to marry her to her father. Her father look a liking of him and agreed. Of course she took an interest in him as well. Otherwise, why would she be marrying him? However, the problem is, you were not allowed to go out before the marriage. Imagine not being able hang out? This is like a blind marriage. You can still talk to each other over the phone but, it does not work this way, right? No idea. I guess some people could live with it.

2014-04-19 12.59.03

No worries, my April is coming to an end and I ended it with a blast! I went to Singapore for a holiday! Well, I am not going to go further about it over here as I have posts on my trips here, here and here.

Think the pace of my life slowed down in May? Hold on to that thought first. I started the month of May with a trip down to Subang Jaya for a two-days-one-night stay. For what you asked? To attend a friend’s engagement party. You think this is crazy? I have more crazy things for you.


In that month, my babes in Penang and I finally had the biggest gathering! It has been a long time since we last all came out together with drinks and infinite laughter. We had a babe who came back from Kuala Lumpur for a holiday and two babes came all the way from Sungai Petani for this gathering. All of us bitched about everything throughout the night. A very memorable night indeed.


There was no major Toastmaster activities in May. However, we did make an effort to come out and have fun together. We had a bowling session! When we reached the place, we had to wait for about an hour to get a lane. Fortunately all of them were willing to wait and used that time to bond with each other. Such a lovely family, right?

2014-05-09 01.38.27-2

Now you can think that the pace of my life had slowed down. It slowed down in the middle of May though. Nothing much was going on in that time. I used the time to rest to get my energy back because slow-paced lifestyle did not last for long.


By the end of May, we celebrated Bright’s birthday. This time we had the celebration at a club. I wonder if it is called a club. The music was loud and all so, I guess it is a club then? Anyway, I drank a lot that night since it was a special occasion. I drink occasionally. Since all of them came with their own other half and I was the only single, I had a cyber boyfriend who chatted with me. He was by himself as well. Therefore, like what he said, we were like cyber couple. It was that night we chatted a lot and for quite long.


The next day after Bright’s birthday celebration, I was supposed to meet my friends in the morning who came Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and also, Melbourne! Four of them, two pairs of couple, and they are all my hometown friends! Since I had a hangover and failed to meet them in the morning, I went to see them in the evening. One pair’s stay was short while the other pair’s stay was longer. However, I really had a great time with all of them and that was how I ended the month of May.


Though there was not much going on in the early of June apart from me finally signed up a gym membership, it was indeed a beautiful month. On the second weekend, I went back to Sibu. Going back hometown only, what. No, that’s not it. I went back with five other people. The family members I knew in MEF Toastmasters Club. I will go further on that trip with separate posts. Will do a throwback posts.


In addition to the trip, I took up a leadership role in the family. I was elected as the Vice President of Public Relations for MEF Toastmasters Club. Besides that, I was appointed as the Division Public Relations Officer for Division H. It was an honour and the journey ahead will be a challenging one. However, this will hone up my time management skill. Not a bad deal though.


When going to the end of June, I made a trip to Subang Jaya the second time for a two-days-one-night stay. For what again you asked? To attend AIESEC in Taylor’s Universtity’s A Decade of Excellence! Some of the alumnus for the past 10 generations would come together and celebrate with the new generation! I managed to meet up with people that I had lost contact with. Anyway, I will get into detail on this event in a separate post. Another throwback, ya?

What made this trip unforgettable was I finally met up with my cyber boyfriend. It was our very first time to see each other. He waited for me to get done with the dinner and when I was done, he made the effort to come to the hotel to meet me. Very sweet, no? I cannot believe why would a girl left such a near-to-extinction man for a faggot.

Anyway, I must admit that I had a great time with him. However, he is a stubborn person. He was really persistent to pay for my room and that he told me firmly if I ever missed my flight the next day, he would come see me and buy me a new flight ticket. Of course I would not allow that to happen! Yes, he offered but I was not raised to take advantage on other people and therefore, no matter how tired I was, I made sure I woke up the next morning to catch my flight, which I did. Oh ya, did I mention that he walked me back to my room? Awww.. now you are dying to know this man already, huh? Sorry, I ain’t gonna reveal who he is.

2014-06-30 20.19.58

So, how I ended my second quarter of 2014?

Remember the cyber boyfriend aforementioned? Well, he came to Penang! I invited him to join my friends and I for a movie – Transformers. I knew he likes Transformers. On the day he was supposed to fly in, he missed a total of two flights. True story. However, that did not dampen his spirit. He bought his third flight ticket and finally flew over to Penang. Since then he labeled the movie as The Most Expensive movie.

Wonderful things are coming to me slowly. God is good. God is great. I am really blessed. If God did not give you what you wanted, it is not because you are not worth it. It is because you deserve even better.

This is so true and I do feel loved! By God and definitely, by myself!

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