Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 1: Singapore

It was finally the day that I had been waiting for! My very first trip of my own! I had been looking forward to it since last year since I had planned for it, well, last year! Can you imagine how hungry I was for this trip?

It was supposed to be a loner’s trip where I would be meeting up with my brother and friends there. However, it then slowly turned up to be a family vacation! My older brother said he would be joining us to Universal Studios Singapore. A week before the trip, my mom suddenly called me up and told me that she wanted to join us. Therefore, Singapore became the rendezvous.


I landed Singapore earlier than my mom. When she was finally there, we kick-started our journey to get to our hotel. When we got into a MRT, leaving the airport, guess who I bumped into? One of my hometown best friends! She was there with her colleagues and would only be there for the weekend. Plus, she was there for Universal Studios Singapore as well. Pretty small world, huh?


My mom and I stayed in Grand C Hotel on our first night. I did not think it has a good location but guess what? It does. The MRT station is just opposite the hotel and there is a new shopping mall just opposite the hotel where the MRT station is below the shopping mall.


After my younger brother finished his work, he came to see us. It was really great to finally see him. The last time we met each other was during our older brother’s engagement which was October last year. He did not go home for Chinese New Year.


That night we had dinner at Saizeriya. I was delighted that Singapore has Saizeriya! I miss it so much as I had frequented the place when I was in Shanghai. It offers cheap and nice food.






I really had a great time with them. I had not laughed so hard and so much for ages! Oh, we found something interesting in our hotel room. The air-conditioner is manual!


Like, freaking a manual! If it is too cold, you close the lid. If it is too hot, you open the lid. Ain’t that manual? Watch the video below and have a great laugh!

Manual air-conditioner

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