Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 2: Kuching

Second day just came like that. My brother had already left Kuching. He went back to Sibu one day earlier than me. Therefore, we would be seeing each other again very soon.


That morning, I wanted to bring the kids to taste one of my favourite dish – chao zhu mian. Unfortunately the stall was not opened. Yes, I was disheartened. Then we had second round at Top 10 Food Court – I wanted them to try different dishes. 


Since I was to meet my aunt and uncle for lunch, we went to a shopping mall nearby – The Spring. The kids were really happy to be in the shopping mall. It was like Penang does not have a shopping mall.


We kick-started our adventure in Kuching after lunch. We went to the museums first. There were a few other museums in one place. At least they got to learn something about Sarawak. Photography is not allowed though.


As we were driving towards the museum, we passed by a huge town square and in the middle of the field, there stood a huge tree. We had already marked that place for some photography. When we were there, we were excited to find out that it is a silk-cotton tree. There were cottons everywhere!


I drove them further up to Cat Museum. It was not as good as I used to think. The place was warm, it was like they were saving up the electricity. Some of them bought souvenirs so, I guess it was not that bad?


We went back to the town area after we came down from Cat Museum. We walked along Carpenter Street to hunt for food. We had kuay chiap and since I was not feeling that well, we did not stay for long. We did not waste our night in the hostel. Instead, we went to City One Megamall, a new mall that was recently opened. We walked around for a bit.

I was not feeling well that I vomited a few times. Fortunately they are a bunch of caring friends – when I was still inside the toilet, Timi went to get a drinking water for me while Muhau and Teany went to look for a pharmacy for me. I am so glad to have traveled with them. Really appreciated their good intention.

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