Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 3: Singapore

What did I do on my last day in Singapore after my older brother left?

We did not do much basically.


We checked out from the hotel we stayed the night before to a hostel that I had booked. This hostel is a capsule-inspired hostel. I thought sleeping inside the upper capsule is fun but, I was completely wrong about it! Why? First, my mom is not young anymore. She cannot climb up and down the capsule. Second, both of us frequent toilet. Therefore, we had to climb up and down in the middle of the night. That sucks.

Lesson learned: get the lower capsule!


After we had settled down, we decided to go hunt for food. We met my baby brother’s friends and went to one of his frequent restaurants. It serves cheap food.


After lunch, we went to walk around Bugis Mall, if I am not mistaken. There, my mom and I bought the same waist bag. Thanks to this trip in Singapore, I realised that a waist bag is more convenient. I was carrying a sling bag during the trip and it hurt my shoulder to the max!

Another lesson learned: use backpack or waist bag when you are traveling!


That night we decided to have our dinner at Saizeriya again. It is one of the cheapest restaurants with good food.


After dinner, we bade my baby brother farewell. Since it was still early, my mom and I walked around the mall. We went to Daiso Japan. Not much difference from the ones we have in Malaysia. The only different I guess is the colour. It is black and blue in Singapore though. Ours is pink and white if I am not mistaken.

Honestly, it was a fruitful trip. I did not get to meet any of my friends though I ran into Chee Seng. I guess I will go back to Singapore again probably somewhere next year.

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