Saturday, September 28, 2013

Chapter 3 (Part III): How Men and Women Found Peace

Men and Women will only be able to live together in peace if they are able to respect their differences.


Men learned to respect that Women needed to talk to feel better even if they do not have much to say because by listening, they could be very supportive.

Men realised that even when they felt they were being attacked, blamed or criticised by the Women, they knew it was only temporary. Soon the Women would suddenly feel better and be very appreciative and accepting.

Each Man finally understood that a Woman’s need to talk about her problems was not because he was failing her in some way. He learned that once a Woman feels heard, she stops dwelling on her problems and becomes very positive.

With such awareness, a Man will be able to listen without feeling responsible for solving all her problems. Also, as a man gets good at listening, he realises that listening can be an excellent way to forget the problems of his day as well as bring a lot of fulfillment to his partner.


Women learned to respect that Men needed to withdraw to cope with stress. The cave is no longer a great mystery or cause for alarm.

They learned to be more accepting of him at these times because he was experiencing a lot of stress.

They are not offended when Men are easily distracted. When a Woman talked and her Man became distracted, she would very politely stop talking, stand there and wait for him to notice. Then she would begin talking again. She understood that sometimes it was hard for him to give his full attention. They discovered that by asking for the Men’s attention in a relaxed and accepting manner, Men are happy to redirect their attention.

However, when Men were completely preoccupied and in their caves, Women also will not take it personally. They know that it is not the time to have intimate conversations but a time to talk about problems with their own friends or have fun and go shopping. When Men thereby felt loved and accepted, Women will discover that Men would come out of their caves quicker.

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Extracted from Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

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