Sunday, September 8, 2013

Life, A Bitch And An Angel!

I have to admit that ‘life’ is a bitch but at the same time, it is an angel.

It has its weird ways of doing its own things and at its own pace.

If you learn to adore it, it will bless you with rewards. Piss it off and it will screw you nevertheless.

What I want to emphasise here is that, whatever comes to you, regardless an opportunity or a challenge, take it or face it respectively.

Bad things do happen in our lives. It is normal. However, it will not be permanent. It will pass. It is not wrong to be a muppet. You can grieve and be weak for as long as you want – do it at your own comfortable pace. Take your time. Nonetheless, you must promise yourself that you will move on.

Always remember that, if it does not end the way you want it to be, it is not the end yet. Therefore, keep going. Keep fighting. The destination is not the main point. The journey is.

Personally I had been through the highest as well as the lowest moments in my life and I know they will not stop knocking on my door. Yet, do keep in mind that happiness and sadness do not come together. They are practically enemies. When one leaves, only there is enough space for the other to come.

Hence, if you do not open the door for sadness to leave, how will happiness come in?

At any rate, these are just my personal views about life through my own little bit and pieces of my experience.


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