Thursday, July 11, 2013

It Always Gets Better

I was reading the older posts on my blog and came across this particular post.

I sounded really weak. I sounded really troubled. I sounded really hopeless.

But guess what?

After I made a review on what I had written in that post, I realised that I am so much stronger than I thought.

Loneliness had been eating me up? What nonsense is that? What was I thinking? Look at me, I am doing really good. In fact, I feel awesome. As if nothing had ever happened to me.

I feel lonely at my new lair. Are you kidding me? Things are going great now. I have new housemates moving in and they are a bunch of nice people. All of us came from the same hometown. Awesome, right?

Not being able to face my family? What was wrong with me? They are the people who love me for who I really am. They are the people who accept me. They are the people who will never leave me. Without them, what am I?

No friends on Mainland? Oh my gosh, something must have hit my head real hard. I had been going out a lot and even my housemate was saying I am always not at home. I have more friends on Mainland compared to on Island! I should have realised this earlier.

You see the point now?

I guess when you are depressed, you are blinded from the bright side. If I could leave a message to few months ago’s Angelina, I would tell her that things are not always permanent so, enjoy the good stuff when it happens and do not be bothered by the bad ones because things are very very rare to be as bad as it seems.

It always gets better.


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@ngelin3 said...

Oh yea!!! :D So great to hear and read this blogpost of yours!! :) Jia you, Angel!!! :D xx