Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Messed Up Life

Lately, I knew a number of people who are going through a messed up life especially when it involves feelings and relationships.

Some went through it for years and ended up being hurt real bad.

Some went through it for months and felt really bad about it but not doing anything. In the end, I can guarantee you that they will end up being hurt real bad too.

The question is – they chose it or being forced ?

Honestly, no matter which it was, the result will definitely be the same – hurt – regardless you set a borderline, no string attached, friends with benefits or whatsoever shit you could come up with.

It is useless.

You either hurt yourself or the other person or even both. I had seen and witnessed all three scenarios.

No, I am not being judgmental here.

The fact that I had been there and done that, I know and understand really really well. Seeing them reminded me of my past.

Therefore, if you are still in such messed up life, please clean it up soon. No one can save you other than yourself. Not only you gain pain but you will be haunted by remorse too.

And if you find yourself being part of the messed up life of someone else, please get out soon. Never drop down to their level. Just know that you are better and walk away. You deserve better.


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