Thursday, July 12, 2012

Jerejak Island

It was early of June when we went for a short excursion at Jerejak Island. It is a small island where you can see it on the left side of the Penang Bridge, if you are entering the island, or right opposite Queensbay Mall.

The boyfriend had told me earlier that there is nothing much we can do with just the two of us. However, all I wanted was just a time for the two of us. Oh well, it did not go that well though..


This is the jetty from Penang Island. There will be a ferry to bring us across the Strait of Malacca to reach Jerejak Island.


To my horror, that was the ferry. I was speechless though and the boat was super packed. I thought we might sink. In fact, the ferry broke down and it seems the management never bothered to repair it.


We were given a deluxe room but it was after long waited hours to have this room ready. The staff were really slow at their works. Fortunately we could enjoy our “Welcome” drinks for the time being. The room was not that bad but there are mosquitoes around so better keep all the doors and windows closed.

That night, there was no buffet dinner at all. It was a Friday night so the hotel does not have buffet prepared for weekdays. They only have ala carte meals. Well, better than nothing. What did we do after? Took a short walk and then watched TV till late night.


The next morning was alright. At least we had a buffet breakfast but the choices of food was disappointing. Not because we were late but because there IS not much choices of food.


The boyfriend then suggested to take the jungle trek trail. I really thought we were supposed to pay for it so I actually went against the boyfriend’s idea. Despite that, I still went along with him and we ended up at suspension bridge. I suspect myself having an Acrophobia but due to having stronger courage, I overcame it. Knowing nothing much we could do on the island, we decided to leave the island.

I wonder if I would come back here again. Maybe it will not be the same if with more companions?

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