Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cameron Highlands: Day 1

June was a busy month for me. However, it ended with a short excursion to Cameron Highlands with my friends. That morning, all of us gathered at the first checkpoint, McDonald’s at Auto-City, Juru. We had our breakfast there.


It was my first time to drive on the highway so I was really excited and at the same time, nervous. Our second checkpoint was Simpang Pulai which took us one and a half hours. Two cars, included mine, will park at the petrol station. Having too many cars will be quite troublesome.


It took us another one hour to reach Cameron Highlands and we were so hungry that we decided to get some food before we proceeded with our itinerary. It was a weekend so, it was really jammed up the Highlands. We decided to stop at the nearest food court that we could find instead of heading towards The Lord’s Café for lunch. I was too hungry to think of what to eat that I ordered nasi goreng ayam.


After lunch, we decided to drop our things at the apartment that we rented at Desa Anthurium Apartment. Our unit is located on the top floor and guess what? There is no lift at all. We had to take a number flight of stairs, with all our stuff, to reach to the top floor. We were all out of breath when we finally reached our ‘home’.


Our very first destination was Mount Brinchang. Mosses knew the right place to reach the peak of the mountain. There was a tower for us to climb up to. The stairs were really steep but, it was worth for the breathtaking scenic view on top.


We then went for a short adventure under Mosses’ care. He frequents here. We went into the famous Mossy Forest. The nature was amazing. It was even more amazing when we found out that we were actually walking on top of trees! This adventure is even better than to go to the Mossy Forest Centre, which we went after.


Time passed so fast that it was already six that we decided to leave Brinchang and headed to Tanah Rata for dinner at Nonya Ferms Restaurant where we had steamboat. When we reached the main roads, we were horrified to see the jam! The traffic was so slow, no kidding, thanks to the night market which was still far away! It was about 8.30pm by the time I reached the restaurant with the others reached at about 9.00pm. Why was I earlier? The car that I were in, we used illegal but thrilling route – the incoming traffic route.

I ended the night early while there were others who were still out chilling at Starbucks. Unfortunately for me, I was woken up by noises at about 2.00am and it only toned down around 3.00am. Then again, the noise started early in the morning as well which I will continue in the next post..

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