Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lovely Sunday with Him!

It was one special Sunday we spent the whole day together. Since I bought this lunch buffet at Flamingo Hotel for both of us from my colleagues, I decided to have it on that day.

My colleague who went there earlier had given me feedback that there were a lot of dishes and the food was fawesome! Well, of course I believe her but, when I was there, I was quite disappointed as I witnessed the otherwise. When we were grabbing food at the inner buffet, we saw people walking in from the entrance with plates of food. Food that we did not find at the inner buffet. And guess what? The food that we saw at the balcony was served for lunch as well! We thought those were for other function at the hotel. Damn!


After brunch, the boyfriend decided to bring me to a mysterious place. He claimed that it is a place where I love the most and guess what? He was right! I was really surprised! He found out that Moo Cow is in Penang and decided to give me a surprise.

And I was like frustrated and wondered why had we parked our car at Gurney Plaza’s carpark and walked out of the building and walked under the scorching sun to Gurney Paragon. It was a surprise after all.


We ended the day by watching I Not Naughty, a Singaporean movie. It was a good one and well, us being emotional, we cried at a few scenes but lessons could be learnt from this movie.

Anyway, I do wish we have such lovely weekends every week but oh well, due to his nature of work, it is hardly possible..

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