Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Accident!

It was after the mass when I decided to go pick up a friend of mine to have dinner together. I had never been to her place and the sky was already dark. Since I was not familiar with the area she is staying and was alone, I was very nervous. When I realised that I was lost, I was even more terrified. While trying to make a 3-point turn, being not able to keep my cool, I hit the railing.


I was on the line with my friend when it happened. When I gave the boyfie a call, thank goodness he was just nearby only. He drove over and gave me a hand. I felt blessed. Didn’t know such thing actually happened; and I thought we had no fate at all.


Since no workshop is opened on Sundays, the boyfie did the work to keep the bumper on hold. And what’s the damage? RM650, sigh.

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