Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kudos to McDonald’s!

It was one night that I ordered dinner from McDonald’s – a dinner set meal and one sundae chocolate. The meal arrived but I did not receive my sundae chocolate. Therefore, I made a call to McDonald’s again. The operator said she will arrange the order to be sent out soon. After waited for half an hour, I called McDonald’s. Similarly, they said they will send it out soon. Another half an hour had passed and still no news on my sundae chocolate. Not giving up, I called McDonald’s again and this time I sounded very frustrated. Not long after, I received a call from the delivering McDonald’s branch. The apologised and guess what? When the delivery man was at the door, I received two sundae chocolates, wow



Ken Wooi said...

ah, that's nice.. but worth the wait? i guess not - they should have given like another 10 sundaes :P

Fumoffu said...

Fair enough. If this happened again, will ask from them straight! :D let's see if that happens..