Friday, April 13, 2012

Bali: Day 3

Third day was the Nyepi celebration in Bali, the biggest celebration in town. So big that all of the people were to lock themselves inside the house, strictly not allowed to step outside including the lao wais like us. I was astonished on how the people in Bali celebrated this celebration.


Therefore, on that day, we were inside the village the whole day. We woke up not so early in the morning, had brunch, played a few rounds of pool, failed to get some massages and then went back to our respective rooms to take a long nap.


But what did the boyfriend and I did? We walked around the village, did some photography while checking out the lao wai hunks and chicks who are mostly students, went back to our room to watch TV, a short nap and then back to the swimming pool (I went to dip into a non-operating jacuzzi pool).


We were actually waiting for the time to pass and make ourselves some steamboat for dinner. However, that night, we could not switched on all the lights and also to lower down our voices. But guess what? The sky at night was superb! It was beautiful! And of course our steamboat was awesome too. We had a great time together with jokes, stores and some other random stuff.

When it was bedtime, as I walked back to my room, it was seriously pitched black! I felt like I was the main girl in Fatal Frame. Really! And it was a great experience.

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