Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bali: Day 2

It was our free and easy day. We hired a driver to drove us to Ubud, this time to have its famous duck rice, Bebek Bengil, at Dirty Duck Diner. We ordered Gado-Gado, Nasi Campur Bali and Nasi Goreng Special. The brunch was really good and we did not regret it.


We wanted to have Babi Guling at this famous restaurant, Ibu Oka, but unfortunately, the place was closed when we were there. We were really disappointed.


We then got our hired driver to drop us at Kuta, one of the very happening places in Bali. Most of the shops were closed and the street was quite empty. I guess they were all preparing for the coming procession.


Our friend wanted to check out Discovery Mall and guess what? It, too, was closed early. I could not believe that Nyepi is that celebrated occasion. It was a long way to reach the place though. However, I found Creamery Cold Stone but yeah, likewise the mall, it was closed too. Else, I would have gotten myself an ice-cream.


Before we left the place, we took a short walk by the beach. If we were there earlier, the guys would have seen some topless babes. Oh well. Since the next day is a silent day and we are not allowed to leave the hotel at all, we decided to drop by at a grocery store, Bali Deli, to shop for some food.


That night, we went out to hunt for food. We were lucky that there was one restaurant that was still opened so we could get our dinner. Trust me, the street was so empty and dark. The next day will be worse.

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