Thursday, November 8, 2007

Variety of virus appeared roaming around in SS15.

Few months ago, a man stole my umbrella and one of my housemate's cellphone. My pencil case was almost stolen by him too.

Few months ago, one of my housemate was ambushed by 4 guys at the playground late at night (10-ish).

Few weeks ago, Julie's bad was almost snatched by a motorcyclist and got slightly injured.

A month ago, one of my housemate's bag was successfully snatched by a motorcyclist (i suspected the same person as the one aforementioned) even when she was walking with her boyfriend.

Few days ago, the same housemate of mine aforementioned encountered a flasher. Where? My house! The flasher came to our house! She was studying at the living room when this guy appeared at the window. He claimed that he was looking for someone with the name of Ling Siew Ching and that she has been staying in our house for 6 months. My housemate got up from her seat and that's when she saw him masturbating!

SS15 is not safe! Nowhere is safe!


TeckJung said...

be careful

Fumoffu said...

thanks, you too :)

sinlerongpo said...

wow... that is so scary... dont go out alone okay...