Sunday, November 11, 2007

Twentieth Birthday

Apple, Emilya, Miao, Raymond, Alex, Wendy, Mac, father, brother, Cherrie, May, Siew Ching, Bee Yip, Annie, Adrian, Letty, Chris, Isabelle, Yun Chie, Chi Wei, Ambrose, Hui Ong, Eng Hoe, William, Rebekah, Si Hui, Shireen, Evon, Malcolm, Sher Lyn, Ho Sheng, grandma, David Ting, Dipra, Stephie, Perlin, Lion, Beatrice, Patricia, Clement, MangaShare, Daryl, lil brother, mother, Cherlene, Katherine, Malia, Yuliana, Eddie Chin, Jing Ying, Alex Lee, Michelle Tan, Zhihao, Gui, Ashley, Swee Ling, Siew Hui, Delia, Shao Bu, Huey Yee, Wendy (guy), Yee Chin, Seow Yen, Felicia, Gordon, Merlyna (ah! i miss you so much!), Kah Hong, Edwin Lai, Julie Kuan, Victor Yeoh, Brian Teo, Wuei Yunn, Sook Theng, Michelle Khoo, Jennie, Ru Yan -- thanks for the birthday wishes

Kazi -- thanks for the e-card

Wei Hon, Kazi, Daniel -- thanks for coming over especially Wei Hon, all the way from Setapak

baby, David, Pei Sun, Jason, Yee Yen, Siew Jhoong -- thanks for the birthday surprise, especially to baby, i was really speechless (you were nearby all the while) - seriously

May -- thanks for the birthday post

David, Winnie, Pei Sun, Jason -- thanks for the bottle of wine; and we even telan another 2 big bottles of beer. drank until around 4am. i really had fun.

Wine and Carlsbergs

baby -- thanks for tgif, cake, balloons and the another 'you' ; and sorry for scolding you behind your back (you were in David's room all the while)

Balloons and another 'you'

Appetizer 1

Appetizer 2

Meal course 1

Meal course 2


Big Apple's donuts from Chris

There were 5 birthday celebrations happening at tgif. And no, I just had my dinner there with my baby.

I really enjoyed my twentieth birthday. Thank you, everyone

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