Monday, November 26, 2007

Malacca Trip 2007

First Day in Malacca

Went to Malacca last Friday with baby. Departed at 12.25pm and reached around 2.00pm. Met up with Jason (our tour guide) at Melaka Mall.

The driver:

The passenger:

The companions:

He led us to our hotel. I believe even you cannot tell that this is actually a hotel. It costed us RM100 for two nights and the room was big. There were two beds; Queen-sized and Single-sized beds.


Later, we set off to historical places.

Recent discovery

A police car

Newly-wed Malay couple

A famous man (don't remember his name) whose body was then sent back to his homeland

On our way back to our car, we were walking past a police station. There were horses inside and we asked permission before we approached the horse. I think the horse liked my perfume 'cos it moved nearer to me when I went to take photos with it twice!

Jason took us to the beach. It was a nice, windy, sandy beach.

After we took our break, we had our dinner at Restoran Capitol Satay. For me, it was quite spicy. RM0.60 a stick. Cheap, right?

Biggest, big, smallest (each cost RM0.60 ONLY)

Guess who ate the most?

34 sticks

23 sticks

19 sticks

We were so full that we decided to take a walk at Jonker Walk. There were a lot of people. We were lucky enough to watch a performance by a guy who had a Malaysia World Book Record; a man who broke a coconut with a finger. *omg* Let me tell you, watching him doing it made you feel the pain too!

Second Day in Malacca

We went to have lunch at Nasi Ayam Hoe Kee. This restaurant is very famous and it was up in Astro AEC with a famous host.

One of the famous AEC Astro's host

We were so full that we went to take a walk at the morning Jonker Walk and we had chendol. Jason recommended us Durian Chendol. It was nice! Later, we had satays. Usually, the Malays are the ones who made satay but these satays are made by Chinese!

Saw this poor little bird

Durian chendol

One of the shop's antiques collections


We planned to visit a ship museum but unfortunately, it was construction and so, it was closed. Therefore, we went to another museum before we went back to hotel to take a nap. There are a lot of museums in Malacca. =.=

The ship museum

Inside of the another museum:

Next destination: Gelek
To be honest, this place is the best, for me. I love the food there!! It was also up in Astro AEC with the famous host aforementioned! I ate around (or maybe more than) 5 plates of si ham!



We were so full that we took a walk at Jonker Walk again before Jason took us for desserts.

There is a bar behind (full with foreigners O.o)

We had our desserts at Amo Te before the end of the second day.

The moon shone so bright in the sky

Last Day in Malacca

Jason took us to this famous restaurant that sells beef noodles.

Before we left Malacca, we went to meet up with The Koks and his mother's siblings and visited Jason's house.

Supposingly this trip consisted of 3 couples but due to unforeseen circumstances, it only left the 3 of us. However, we won't stop here. There are still plans ahead and I am really looking forward to it; Malacca (again but with more people), Penang and Redang Island.

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