Thursday, September 27, 2007


It was Sunday. I was feeling really hungry and tired as I came out from the Steam Bath. As I walked down the slope towards the bathrooms, I slipped and fell to the floor and hit my butt hard. Thinking that it was alright (as there was not much pain that day), I forgot about it.

Tuesday, as I woke up, I felt a bit pain and gradually both my legs were pain. Chung and I tried sorts of way to make me feel better but to our avail. I could not sleep the whole night that night and Chung had to take care of me. I knew I disturbed his sleep. Some more, he got to sit for an exam paper the next morning. I felt so guilty.

Wednesday morning, I could hardly move. After Chung finished his paper, his friend showed us the way to a Chinese doctor house. The doctor rubbed my back. It was so painful. The doctor could tell that I had a sport before I fell. Yeah, it happened in California Fitness. Once I reached home, I had to lie on my bed the whole time. Soon, I fell asleep but not a deep sleep.

I had been crying the whole time for the past few days as it was really painful. Called up my parents and my brothers. Hoping to see them too. Family's support is important, indeed. My dad told me that my mom would be coming this Friday however, my mom told me that she could not make it as she will be very busy. Happiness turned to sadness.

Anyway, this is quite a challenge for both Chung and I too. He really has to take care of me. I could see that he was tired but still, he was happy to do so. Though I feel happy that he has to take care of me very well, at the same time, I feel guilty.

I hope I can recover soon...