Friday, September 14, 2007

Ipoh Trip

Last weekend, Chung and I went to Ipoh with Siew Jhoong, May, Sook Theng and Ke Vin. Fyi, we met up with Yee Yen in Ipoh and Jasper came along later that Friday night.

We took a bus to Pudu Raya and then to Ipoh.

On the way to Pudu Raya

Spot the little girl

On the way to Ipoh, finally!

Infamous toilet Queen wanted to go to toilet so badly. Unfortunately, the bus driver did not permit so I had to bear with it. It was already past 2 hours and the bus had not even made a stop until Chung went up to the driver, hoping he would stop the bus at the next stop and yeap, he did. He almost missed the bus after the toilet visit. =.="

The next morning, everyone squeezed in Siew Jhoong's Kembara. Poor baby, he had to sit in the car boot.

See the poor little face

Anyway, pictures paint thousands of words, with some captions. Some of the pictures are already in May's blog. Our first destination after our breakfast, Gunung Lang...

Catfishes! Geli!

Took a boat to...

...our destination!

It was super hot that we needed a shade!

Spot the monkeys!

Spot the monkeys, again!

Don't blame him. I was the one who asked him to pose like that. =P

My naughty baby =)

I look fat! O.o

I was surprised that they were so co-operative XD

No boat to return to.

Okay. Regarding the caption above, it's like this. When we got back to the jetty, there was no boat for us to return to. We shouted & screamed for help but to our avail, of course. Who would have heard us? XD Our only option was to wait.

'W' XD

Attempted to wear the kid's size life jacket =.=

Next destination, Guan Yin Temple...

After all our hard work, we managed to reach the top of the cave to see the view of Ipoh!

Third destination, REAL Oldtown Kopitiam...

Fourth destination, Ipoh Field which reminds me of Dataran Merdeka. It was going to rain so, we did not take much photo there.

Our last stop was where we bought Ipoh's famous 'Hiong Peng' before we went back home.

This post roughly wraps up the whole trip. Stay tune with my upcoming trip... =)

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