Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It was around last week when I received a phone call after my bath.

The lady on the other side spoke Chinese accent to me. At first this Si Ya Hui lady was just doing a survey with me. Since my Chinese is not that good, I just simply answered her question. As a token of appreciation, she gave me a lucky draw number, saying that her company, Bao Long Ke Zi Gong Si, would be holding an event in Hong Kong and will be aired in TV. Since it would be in Hong Kong and I do not have TV at home, I did not bother to jot down the number.

Few days later, they called me again. They said they had been calling me to inform me that I had won one of the lucky draw prizes, HK240,000 which is RM120,000. It sounded very convincing but I am still well aware that it was a fake. However, being Angel, I was hesitant to hang up the phone and to give a fake account number and name. Yeah, you got it. I gave them my real account number which is the source of my living expenses here in KL. Not my treasure account so, don't worry.

Later, another Zhang Li Wen lady called me, asking me to called +0085267205351 to check the status of the bank in Hong Kong. I had not even called the number until now. Up until now, they had not asked me to deposit a single cent.

So, anyone, can tell me what shall I do? I have thought of this:

Play along with them and quickly give them a fake account number and name and that till the end of the game, I would just deposit RM1.00 to their bank account.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly the same!!! hey, i experienced the same thing too. The lady has been non stop calling me for couple of weeks.!!! so irritating right.