Wednesday, October 14, 2015

August 2015

August was another happening month of the year. The boyfriend followed me back to my hometown to attend my brother’s wedding. Of course, to officially meet my family members. It did not occur to mind on how he shall handle the many situations?

The food. The language. The culture.

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Fortunately I did not worry about those. He handled all of them really well. Eventually my family members like him. They talked to him. They even asked him to join him in a we-fie! Hence, I no longer have to worry about him not able to mix well with my family members.

2015-08-09 22.12.14

When we were back in Penang, our friends organised an activity – laser tag and karaoke later. I knew laser tag is fun. Indeed laser is really fun. We had three games in total and trust me, the last game was shit.

2015-08-22 16.50.39

Due to gastric, I missed MEF Toastmasters Club’s contest. Therefore, I went ahead for Penang Toastmasters Club with no high expectation. I was just looking at third place the most. However, to my surprise, I won in the contest. I was really blessed and the boyfriend was really proud.

2015-08-26 01.47.58

Another great event happened in August was the boyfriend found his crib. He had always wanted to move out and be independent. Therefore, since he finally found a place that he likes a lot, I am really happy for him.

2015-08-31 18.06.19

August had been a good month. September will be even better.

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